Category: Smith Machine / Home Gym
Brand: Bodycraft

This is The Original Jones Machine, Built for Light Commercial and Home Use

Patented 3-D barbell motion provides for an almost unlimited array of exercises. Smith Machines move vertically only! The Jones moves both vertically and horizontally, allowing for a more natural, user-defined motion.

Construction: 2" x 3", 11 Gauge steel.
Movement: All moving parts glide smoothly on industrial grade LM25 linear bearings and 30mm solid hardened steel guide rods.
Dimensions: 54.69" W X 42" D X 83" H, Cable Crossover 83" H.


Cable Cross Over Attachment incl 400LBS
Lat Row Attachment with shroud & 200LB Stack
*NOTE: After the age of 20, if we do not strength train we lose between 2.2 and 3.2kg of muscle every decade.
Fortunately, research shows that a standard strength training program can increase muscle mass by 1.4kgs over an eight week training period.
This is the typical response for men and women who do 25 minutes of strength training one day a week.
Although endurance exercise can improve our cardiovascular fitness, it doesn’t stop muscle loss.

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