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Key Features:

The Bodyworx LX7000HG Home Gym is one of the most compact & multi functional strength trainers available for your home. Stylish & clever design with a robust frame, this gym will provide you with years of hassle free training.

The integrated reverse leg press station has adjustable positions for the foot pedals for a custom fit. Due to the layout of the pulley system it can generate up to 180 KG (397 LBS) of resistance.

Also featuring a high pulley for lat & tricep exercises, a dual chest press & pec dec station with multi-grip handlebars, low pulley for row & leg exercises, leg developer & a height adjustable preacher pad for arm curl exercises which can be removed when not in use. The design enables all major muscle groups to be exercised.

Heavy duty 50mm / 2” tubing on the frame combined with high tensile cables & 4” pulleys with sealed bearings provide for a safe, reliable & smooth workout time after time. The 2.5” high density vinyl covered foam upholstery provides support & comfort where you need it.

Steel safety shrouds provide added safety from the weight stack & give the gym a professional look.

Solid steel guide rods are 1” in diameter & combined with the sealed bearing pulleys ensure a smooth & safe operation of the weight stack.

Attachments included: rotating EZ lat pull down bar with multi-grip positions, rotating short straight bar, single ‘D’ handle & adjustable velcro strap.

Assembled Dimension: 155cm (L) x 115cm (W) x 207cm (H).

Some of the exercises capabilities include:
Chest: Flat press, pec dec, single arm cross over.
Back: Lat pull down, bent over row, seated row, reverse grip row.
Shoulders: Lateral raise, front raise, rear fly’s, shrugs, upright rows.
Biceps: Straight arm curls, high cable curls, close grip reverse pull downs.
Triceps: Tricep push downs, single handle pull downs, tricep extensions.
Legs: Leg press, leg curls, leg extension, abductor & adductor extension.
ABS: High pulley AB crunches, oblique side bends, cable wood chops.

Weight Capacities:

Maximum User Weight: 136 KG (300 LBS)
Weight Stack: 76.5 KG (169 LBS)
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